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Important Takeaways

The session was rather informative, there were so many facts and statistics being thrown around. But from a moral standpoint there were 2 major things that the students learnt from the session.

Firstly, was to do things with a passion for it. While questioning him about geology or paddling they could really see the love he had for what he did. He had a passion, a drive for his work. They were rather Impressed by the love with which he answered the questions that they had.

Secondly, was to be in tune with nature. When he showed them around his campus (virtually of course), they could really see the beauty of nature. The river, the river bank, the sound of the wind, everything was so natural. He spoke about his adventures and the beauty of the things he saw, and they couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and want to go on adventures of their own.

The session really helped students improve their questioning skills and taught them the skills required for journalism

Important Takeaways: Testimonials
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